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Hot tub Jacuzzi spa

Hot tub spa model ath

Hot tub spa model ath

6 adults spa with 57 jets

Design and advanced technology work together to give birth of this accommodating spa.
With 57 jets directing an unbelievable body massage. 

Relax and lay back while stretching out in this accommodating bunger.

Feature of hot tubs and Spas

dimensions (mm) 2150x1900x830
capacity (adults) 6
baby seat 1
Grey water jets 42
Air jets 10
water massage pump 2of 1.5Hp
Air pump 1 of 1Hp
Drain valve 1
Stainless steel frame 1
24 hours recirculation pump 0.5Hp
heater 2kw
filter 50sf
CD connector 1
FM radio 1
ozone generator 450ml/h
shoulders massage 1 seat
multi-color LED underwater light 1
cabinet (skirt) Weatherable Polymer
shell Lucite Acrylic
Therapy control panel (LCD display control system for multi pumps) yes
A coat insulation foam yes
Warm cover yes
Stainless steel jets(3.5" spin jets:5pcs,2" spin jets:35pcs) yes
Three water column system yes

Loading quantity of containers
20' container: 6 pieces
40' container: 12 pieces
40HQ container: 16 pieces

Options for Spa in outdoor use

  • Perimeter LED lights around the waterline USD 135
  • Store step USD 90


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