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Wood Deck

Strand Woven Bamboo wood deck

Strand Woven Bamboo wood deck

Cement based with Wood/Bamboo veneer deck tiles

Name: Strand Woven Bamboo
Model: SWB-L-300-CF4
Dimension: 30530530mm
Carton size: 315315310mm
Weight: 1.7KG/Tile 18KG/Carton
Packing: 10 Tiles/Carton (0.93Sq M)

24 pallets (12 big pallet,12 small pallet)

12 Big pallet: 36 cartons/Pallet,432Cartons

12 Small pallet:27cartons/Pallet, 324Cartons
Total: 756 Cartons
20' FCL 756cartons/7560tiles/703 Sq M
Total weight Approx.15500KG

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Product Code: SWB-L-300-CF4


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