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Solar pool water heaters

Swimming pool solar water heater panel 4 x 8 feet

Swimming pool solar water heater panel 4 x 8 feet
Solar Heating Panel (Collector 4 x 8 feet - 1.20 x 2.40m)

Procure safe and reliable residential swimming pool solar water heater from us at best of industry prices. The heater is long lasting and heats water as per required temperature. Our collectors have no thermal welding joint and is a one piece injection molded design ever thought of in the swimming pool water heating arena.
  • One piece injection molded design.
  • Reliable all day performance.
  • Proven similar materials for both to take care of climates all over the world.
  • Life time warranty of 10 years.
  • Very good appearance and performance.
  • Better flow headers.
  • Heat output  for is between 950 to 1000 BTU’s per square foot  (One British Thermal Unit ) = 1055.055 Joules.

    Panel size (feet) 4' x 8' / 1.2 x 2.4m
    Net panel areas (Sq. ft.) 30
    Installed Width per pannel (inch) 49.5
    Panel length (inches) 96
    No. of flow tubes 112
    Header inside diameter (inch) 1.9

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